Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Bitter Sweet moments.

Now the dust has settled and the hoo hah is finished it is time for reflection. For me it is a bitter sweet result, one one hand and given the way I was treated by the Labour Party ( I am now a former member ) I am happy that they got more or less wiped out. I am exceptionally pleased that the two carpetbaggers didn't get elected in Newington. I am deeply saddened that the architect of the anti airport stance, Peter Campbell got reelected supported by another anti Michelle Fenner. I suppose that it says that they are good ward Councillors. I know that Jenny Matterface and Iris Johnston are both excellent ward Councillors and that is why they got reelected. Obviously given my political outlook I am disappointed that UKIP have taken control. In all the excitement people seem to have overlooked the fact that being a Councillor is about a lot more than getting Manston reopened. They will have my full wholehearted support in that but we will have to see what else they do in the future.
 UKIP have talked the talk but we will see if they can walk the walk. Just out being nosey I took a look at their local Manifesto expecting to see something relevant to Thanet and Ramsgate in particular. Imagine my surprise to find nothing about Thanet at all, not even a word about Manston !! Chris Wells has been a busy boy talking about how TDC is going to set the ball rolling on a CPO, I feel though he would be best advised to wait for the Price Waterhouse Cooper report in the unlikely event that they give the arrangement a thumbs down otherwise it could be egg on face time. 
I also hope that they dont get caught up in concentrating on Manston and CPO and forget about all the other things that a Council has to do. 
We are promised a return to weekly bin collections, more expensive, more road sweepers, more expensive, a complete rewrite of the Local Plan, very expensive, I hope that they can do all these things within the current Council Tax take otherwise our bills will rise dramatically !! 
While on the subject of money and the Council, while I dont know yet who will be responsible for the Councils finances they would be well advised to ask what are we committed to ? At the time of leaving I was aware of nearly £8 million of committed expenditure by way of compensation and requirement to pay for things in which TDC is a partner. 

I quite like this article by John Prescott.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ramsgate Labour Party.......................... The Truth.

I have decided to resurrect this blog so that the truth about Ramsgate branch of the Labour Party can be told.
So where do I start, I suppose that the rot really set in when we had an influx of DFL's. These people moved down to Ramsgate and set about educating the local yokels with their Lattes and Prosecco and other nouveau habits. Sadly they also imported their own particular brand of intolerance and bigotry.
A good example of this started with the iniquitous No Night Flights campaign. The people involved were mainly retired or wealthy DFL's who didnt want planes flying at any time and NNF was just an excuse to hang their prejudices on. The irony is that probably a lot of these people flew away on holidays to a nice villa in Tuscany or a sweet little Portugese village where the locals presumably cow towed to them thus feeding their superior attitude. Just not liking flying from the local airport as it disturbed their precious weekends. These NIMBYS slowly infested our Labour Party like some insidious cancer and systematically set about undermining all the work being done by local people to attract jobs and prosperity to Thanet.
Another consequence of DFL's is that they have driven property prices up beyond the reach of a lot of local people who now find that apart from the daily struggle to make ends meet they also have the worry of finding a home that they can afford on the piss poor wages on offer in Thanet generally.
These awful self righteous, self centered people also seem to belong in a culture of perpetually offended thin- skinned busy bodies constantly getting offended about something, someone or some group that did or said something and then demanding apology, followed by furious public outrage.
These people having slithered into a position of becoming candidates now also claim to be the candidates fighting for change, but actually what they are doing is rolling the clock back to the days of absentee MPs and rotten borough politics, when well-off people from London like them made decisions for everyone else and now they want to take us back to the days when ordinary people did not have proper local representation.
So for these reasons and others, I have cancelled my Labour Party membership and regrettably for the first time in nearly fifty years I shall not be voting Labour. I have always been a socialist and I believe in the principles of socialism. I have stood in successive elections on these principals and never failed to get elected, therefore I will continue to believe in them.
But this lot?  I can’t, in all seriousness, go into a booth and put my mark against any one of them.

Come election day, I shall give my vote to another party. Almost any other party. Or maybe more likely Ruth Brackstone until the Labour Party both locally and nationally is once more led by people who at least pay lip service to socialist principles.