Thursday, 30 April 2015

My Take On labours TDC Candidates 2015 Council Elections.

Thanet District Council Elections: 

 Newington Ward :
 Karen Constantine, seems more interested in her Trade Union activities and being seen at Trade Union meetings, also likes being seen with the Cafe Society along the seafront. Known to be ageist. Not sure if she knows where Newington is.
 David Green. Formerly Mayor of Ramsgate and Eastcliff councillor. Decided to stand down at the 2015 election but suddenly changed his mind when a 'safe seat' became available. Anti airport. Suspected to be scheming and devious, described as Machiavellian by a former Leader of TDC. Not a very involved Ward Councillor. Appalling public speaker barely able to string two words together consecutively. Seems to think that the world begins and ends with Ramsgate seafront.
 Northwood Ward : 
David Cooper, An unknown quantity, seems to be a socialist but no concrete evidence. Replaces Kay Dark.
Elizabeth Green. Like her husband said she wasnt standing but inexplicably changed her mind at the last minute. Anti Airport.
 Susan Kennedy. Rabid anti airport campaigner, appears out of touch and nothing in common with working class people. Probably only in it to further her anti airport views and personal ego. Only started attending meetings when the possibility of being selected as a Councillor arose.
 Central Harbour Ward :
 Peter Campbell, Another rabid anti airport person. When discussing airport closure said “ I am glad the airport closed “ and repeated it later, presumably also glad that 147 people lost their jobs and also those small businesses and employees that fed the airport were also affected plus the tenants on airport land who lost theirs and their staffs livelihoods. Thinks shouting louder than anyone else wins debates. A bully and has known anger management issues. Also believes the world starts and ends on Ramsgate seafront.
 Corinna Huxley, A very sound and hard working Ward Councillor.
Highly recommended.
 Raushanara Rahman. Owns a restaurant in Harbour Street. Anti airport. Nothing else known, a fairly new Labour Party member, Also only started attending meetings when the possibility of being selected as a Councillor arose.
Eastcliff Ward :
 Mary Dwyer, Sound, solid and works for her constituents.
 Rick Everitt, Corinna Huxley's partner, also a very sound and hard working Ward Councillor. Recommended.
 John Worrow. Currently a Councillor in Birchington, is moving to Ramsgate. Strong campaigner on equality issues especially LGBT. Recommended.
 Moses Montefiore Ward : 
 Michelle Fenner, Former TDC Cabinet Member, approved the spending of nearly £200.000 of TDC Taxpayers money on a lost cause despite being told that the case would be lost. Boring public speaker, soporific almost, audience loses interest within seconds.
 Alan Poole. Former Deputy Leader of TDC, rabid anti airport, also solely responsible for the introduction of the disastrous new Waste and Recycling service. Still thinks it was a good service from the start. Removed from involvement with several delicate negotiations as being unsuitable. Another appalling public speaker, also barely able to string two coherent words together consecutively. Known as Poole the Fool.
 Nethercourt Ward : 
Steve Alexandrou, Another rabid anti airport campaigner. Owns a small business white lining roads and thinks that qualifies him as an expert on every subject under the sun. Barely literate.
Pat Moore. Currently Mayor of Ramsgate.
Cliffsend and Pegwell Ward
 Penny Newman, Campaigns on disability issues. Token Candidate.
James Young. Token Candidate.


Unknown said...

Wow what a nasty out of touch person you are Mike, no wonder everybody wants you out

Schmoozyschlepp said...

We haven't met Mike - but I'm one of these new members who has become a candidate in Broadstairs. I feel that you resent new blood coming into the party. The old system has to change, people are massively disenchanted with Labour on TDC. Surely you've noticed that? Surely you've noticed how UKIP is trying to take Labour votes by promising them something "new". Actually, this time it's Labour who is offering some new blood - and although we have some of the same, decent, hard working candidates standing, we also have some very good new people from professional and trade union backgrounds with high standards of behaviour. Their commitment to the people of Ramsgate and indeed Thanet itself, is unquestionable. They are the sort of people Thanet needs. Are you planning to stand for the airport party? Because that's the only issue that seems to bother you?

Peter C said...

Refreshing & honest post Mike.

Karen Constantine seems to have rubbed several hard working candidates from other parties up the wrong way with her constant bigotry, even those from the left.

Any comment on Labour inviting activists such as Bunny La Roche to meetings? I know this has put off many undecided voters.

msg said...

It's disgraceful all these DFL's coming here with all their new fangled idseas, their education and experience of a world beyond the Wantsum, their multi-culturism, art galleries Some of them even invest their money in buildings and businesses, spoiling our towns. Before long they are going to be unrecognisable, for heavens sake, what's wrong with crumbling mortar and boarded up shops. The way they are going they might even encourage young people with even more fanciful idea's into the Labour Party and local politics. Where will it all end.

Mrs Tara Plumbing said...

The candidates in my ward (Pegwell) you list as token. This may be true, I don't know,
I do know it is a Tory "safe" seat, though I will not be voting Tory.

What I like about you blog here is that you are encouraging readers to find out about the individual candidates and the issues and not just blindly vote for a party.

I encourages the same on my blog recently : Mrs Tara Plumbing TDC Who Should I Vote For?

Anonymous said...

Having looked at Karen Constantine's facebook page she seems to be married to a very childish person who a quick google showed was sacked for tricking someone on air when he worked for Radio Buxton into thinking they had won a car. They say like attracts like.

radiorat said...

That'll be me then. If you wish to class me as 'childish' based on a radio entertainment stint nearly 15 years ago, that's fine by me, but you clearly haven't got a clue. If you choose to class my wife as 'childish' based on "like attracts like", you are bonkers. What with the original post by MH and your anonymous comment, my response is one of dismay. This is playground politics. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Labour Party member that will not be voting for any Labour candidate. The party is in the grip of a loony petit-bourgeois suck up to SNP looters clique that deserves to be routed, and will be too.

Mike's comments are very perceptive.

Anonymous said...

A very sad, bitter post from a local politician unable to come to terms with being de-selected by his own members.

A character assassination of perceived enemies and a stab in the back for so called friends.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Griffiths, that would be perfectly fine if it was a two way thing, but you try going to London from a small coastal or country town & telling them your ideas...

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:34 "a stab in the back for so called friends"... surely Mike could say the same thing? If he's going to be deselected, doesn't he at least deserve to have it done while he's there after giving the party 36 years of his life?

Tony Flaig said...