Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Bitter Sweet moments.

Now the dust has settled and the hoo hah is finished it is time for reflection. For me it is a bitter sweet result, one one hand and given the way I was treated by the Labour Party ( I am now a former member ) I am happy that they got more or less wiped out. I am exceptionally pleased that the two carpetbaggers didn't get elected in Newington. I am deeply saddened that the architect of the anti airport stance, Peter Campbell got reelected supported by another anti Michelle Fenner. I suppose that it says that they are good ward Councillors. I know that Jenny Matterface and Iris Johnston are both excellent ward Councillors and that is why they got reelected. Obviously given my political outlook I am disappointed that UKIP have taken control. In all the excitement people seem to have overlooked the fact that being a Councillor is about a lot more than getting Manston reopened. They will have my full wholehearted support in that but we will have to see what else they do in the future.
 UKIP have talked the talk but we will see if they can walk the walk. Just out being nosey I took a look at their local Manifesto expecting to see something relevant to Thanet and Ramsgate in particular. Imagine my surprise to find nothing about Thanet at all, not even a word about Manston !! Chris Wells has been a busy boy talking about how TDC is going to set the ball rolling on a CPO, I feel though he would be best advised to wait for the Price Waterhouse Cooper report in the unlikely event that they give the arrangement a thumbs down otherwise it could be egg on face time. 
I also hope that they dont get caught up in concentrating on Manston and CPO and forget about all the other things that a Council has to do. 
We are promised a return to weekly bin collections, more expensive, more road sweepers, more expensive, a complete rewrite of the Local Plan, very expensive, I hope that they can do all these things within the current Council Tax take otherwise our bills will rise dramatically !! 
While on the subject of money and the Council, while I dont know yet who will be responsible for the Councils finances they would be well advised to ask what are we committed to ? At the time of leaving I was aware of nearly £8 million of committed expenditure by way of compensation and requirement to pay for things in which TDC is a partner. 

I quite like this article by John Prescott.


Anonymous said...

What was the budget and salary and pension costs when you left Mike?

Yes Ukip should wait for the Cpo review report but they can confirm the pollution levels and dumped jets at Manston immediately

Anonymous said...

Does the £8 millions include the compensation due to the former owners of Dreamland or is this a shock still to hit the council?

Anonymous said...

Ukip are off to a bad start if they can't even update the tdc councillors list and contact details by now.

Anonymous said...

Im sorry to say that the Local Plan was a big mistake to the villages, we want a rewrite, its angered many people in this area. So I can see why people voted like they did.

Anonymous said...

If the ukip leadership are falling apart already what chance for the tdc unknowns?

Anonymous said...

Margate beach to fail water pollution tests. Why did Labour allow such a mess

Anonymous said...

Mike that is a long service back to 1979.

Willie Rees Davies powers and duties of a constable"

And full circle the Pc Joy v Rees Davies MP case is of relevance to the Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry and the extent to which constables are bound by the directions (and official secrets act threats) of Chief constable.

The Lord Denning ruling (creating a state police) is to come under challenge concerning his founding trusteeship of Leonard Cheshire charity. That Denning, re unlawful police no go areas, was acting as a Judge in his own cause. This relates to Savile getting away with abuse at Sue Ryder child hospice Leeds 1970s.

In 1975 Panorama ran an expose' of poor care standards in Thanet's burgeoning private care home sector. And the CSA Inquiry have been asked to seek disclosure of the broadcast and the research from BBC. Re Barbara Castle Minister and Jack Straw her special advisor at DHSS.

They must have sanctioned Official Secrets Act action against a Thanet DHSS civil servant and that could only be done with additional consent of Labour attorney general 1976.

And what they were covering up was Labour discharging mental patients homeless into seaside resorts to filter into change of use seaside boarding house care homes.

A question being the notorious child abuser Peter Righton who was an executive with MIND at the time. A charity that was remarkably easy on Barbara Castle about Labour's activity persecuting mental patients.

Straw was an Islington Labour cllr a position which got him in with Margaret Hodge and Ted and Barbara Castle. But Islington also became HQ of Paedo Information Exchange (Righton). The Islington Suffolk Project was later run by Righton using the Henniker Estate Suffolk. Adjoining the village of Ixworth. Where there had been six years of child deaths in Islington and Hackney Social Services care 1966 to 1972. Refused inquiry 1972 by tory minister Keith Joseph but significantly also refused inquiry later by Barbara Castle with her special advisor Straw.

For various reasons the creation of a private cadet group in Thanet 1980/81 also gets e mention to CSA Inquiry. Kent Adventure Training Corps.

It was at a time there should have been security and abuse inquiry centred on Deal Royal Marines School of Music.

If I leap you into your own council service 1989 KAS put ex SAS men on South Africa game reserves ostensibly as anti poacher patrols. But in fact promoting inter tribal violence to destabilise the forthcoming Mandela Regime.

In 1994 Desmond Tutu held a commission of inquiry into mercenary attack on Mandela Regime but not into clever KAS. Into a deployment involving Thanet and using mercenaries including Tyrone Chadwick and the notorious child abusers the Parker twins of Warks.

In 1995 Tim Rayment of Sunday Times was in contact with Chadwick and the Parker twins and South Africa arrested Chadwick for murders of two black citizens, He escaped remand and returned to UK where he was held at Belmarsh for a few years (during Jack Straw's beloved Lawrence Inquiry)successfully defying extradition.

TDC had duties re planning enforcement on gun ranges. Turning a blind eye betraying their duties.

The Thanet trades union group was also turning a blind eye to a certain shop steward of Petbow.

Let's hope the "DFLs" don't follow the long and sorry history of the ever on the touchline never on the pitch know it all do sod all locals on TDC But I think UKIP control of TDC will be like watching a train crash in slow motion.

Anonymous said...

Margate and Broadstairs beaches fail Blue Flags. And Ramsgate gains one despite parking on prom and no signage of water quality. How bad is it Mike?